Responsible Gaming


Are you betting excessively much?

Always be aware, that you can not win all the time while playing games: Even if playing online is a lot of fun and can also be lucrative, there are always moments, when you are losing. That is why we remind every co-player over and over again to not put wagers, which loss he can not afford. So putting it in clear words: Always play with responsibility, as losing is just as well a part of the game as is winning. Only when this is completely clear to you, the addiction to gambling or misjudging your wager, will no longer be a subject to you. We at 4YouBet want to create a pleasant and cool ambiance, where playing and betting not only is fun when you win, but also losing doesn’t seem the end of the world. And our main thrust is to give you the feeling, that we are always there for you, whenever you might need us. Therefore, whatever and wherever you play, please, always play with responsibility.

We demonstrate you, how to determine your limits!

To set up your own limits is crucial to obtain a complete control. Before playing, determine your own personal budget with a limit, that you can easily keep under control. We will support and help you with all our means to set up your safe limit, so you can play with responsibility, avoid a cheaty attitude and thus have fun while playing and betting.

Do you need a break?

Everybody needs a holiday and relaxation once in a while. Also from gambling! We have several possibilities to let you have a break from betting and playing. You can for instance suspend yourself during 24 hours or even up to six months.

Whenever you decide to completely expulse yourself, don’t hesitate to confidentially contact our customer service, we are there for you.

Have you also thought of the minors?

Whenever you share your computer within your household or environment with minors, that’s to say, persons who are under aged and so are not allowed to participate in online games, please make sure, that they don’t have the possibility to access to your user name, passwords or even bank data. Some specialized programs, like NetNanny or CyberPatrol, can easily deal that for you. You don’t have to be worried then, that your kids and other unauthorized persons may have access to the website. And also herewith we will be on your side with our customer service, in case a question may arise.

By law, you are not of full age till 18 years.

The laws forbid persons under 18 years to open up an account with us and play at 4YouBet. This being the reason, that we reserve the right to demand a proof of identity of any person, who opened up an account. The proof should hold a valid document of your age, address etc. The concerned account will be blocked, until the presentation of the adequate proof.

You are worried about your relatives and friends?

Should you have the feeling, that a member of your family or a good friend suffers game addiction or the so called compulsive gambling, please do not hesitate to confidentially contact our Support-Team. Its members are trained on this subject and have many years of experience to handle this kind of problems. They can not only help you, but also the concerned person, to solve the problem and let all parties have their benefit from it.

Independent institutions

Apart from our help you may also contact one of the following institutions. They offer help to addicted gamers, notorious gamblers, as well as to their relatives and friends.

GamCare Phone support (+44) 0808 8020133 8am to midnight, 7 days a week

Gambling Therapy
Phone: (+44) 01384 241292

GA Gamblers Anonymous
Tel: 0207 384 3040
Gam-Anon Tel: 08700 50 88 80