Casino Welcome Bonus

The Welcome-Bonus for the Casino

You can double your first deposit payment with a Welcome Bonus from 4YouBet of € 300,00 (ТhreehundredEUR)! Deposit your payment of € 300,00 (ТhreehundredEUR) and we will give you another € 300,00 to it without any charge. This extra money you can use then to play the casino classicals, such as Roulette, Black Jack, Slots and many other games. But you can also use it by placing your bets with our Jackpot Games and so win a fortune with one single bet.

How do you get your Welcome Bonus?

  1. Open your account at 4YouBet
  2. Deposit your payment of € 300,00 (ТhreehundredEUR)
  3. Activate your Casino Welcome Bonus with your deposit

Our additional € 300,00 (ТhreehundredEUR) will be immediately credited to your account.


  1. The maximum permissible bonus amount per user-account or player for the Casino is € 300,00 (ТhreehundredEUR).
  2. The amount will be reserved according to your first deposit payment upon your ordering of the Welcome Bonus and limited to games of the 4YouBet Casino, until you have fulfilled the bet-requirements for the bonus.
  3. The bonus as well as the reserved amount can only and exclusively be used in the Casino, until both are used completely. Whenever you apply for being paid out or cancel your bonus before you have fulfilled the requirements of the turnover, you will not only lose the bonus amount, but also all winnings you achieved with it.
  4. To play the game as fair as possible, you have to at least place your bonus amount 50 (Fifty) times, before you can withdraw it. Risk-free betting on any game will not be taken into account to the right of withdrawing: For instance the proportionally betting on different results in the same hand, to cause riskless activities. Risk-free bets are also the simultaneously placing of red and black with Roulette or of the player and the bank at the same time with Baccara. Whenever it is asserted, that two persons play together, like for instance, when  with Baccara, one bets on the player and the other on the bank, we reserve the right to permanently close the user accounts and block the money of these persons. All winnings achieved by bonus-money will stay being bonus-money and will not be paid out before accomplishing the bet-conditions.
  5. All 4YouBet Casino games will contribute to fulfill the bet-requirements, but some will be credited higher. On the following is the list of the particular game with its corresponding  percentage contribution to achieve the bet-requirements:  Slots: 100 % - Jackpot-Slots: 50% - Video-Poker: 30% - Live-Casino:  5% - Table-games: 5%, all other games: 50%.
  6. You will receive this bonus just ONCE per person, family, user account, address,  IP-address, e-mail-address, household, credit card number, as well as areas, where the computer is used by several persons, such as the workplace, university, schools, student association, public libraries etc..
  7. From the moment of issuance of the bonus onwards, it will be activated for 30 (Thirty) days. Within these 30 days the bet requirements have to be fulfilled, otherwise the bonus amount will be void, as well as the winnings achieved with it. When you cancel your bonus, before you have fulfilled the turnover requirements, you will not only lose the bonus amount, but also all the winnings you achieved with it.
  8. The maximum wager for any casino game is of € 7,50 (SevenEURfiftyCENT) so long, until the requirements for an activated casino bonus is fulfilled. Included  are      Double-Up wagers after the ending of the game, just like the betting gains of any round of game, where bets were placed  on black/red. Placing a higher wager will result in the void of the bonus, as well as the winnings (Cash and Bonus), from the moment of activating the bonus .